This project was a collaboration with three incredible students from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba school of architecture. The premise was to work on redesigning a part of the city of Córdoba, Argentina. Our section’s focus was on social equity and our group worked towards this priority with a desire to make a core to the city accessible to all. Our intentions were to bring arts, culture, history, public awareness, nature, and transportation into one location. Our site for this project was Plaza San Martín, the central square of the city. This would revitalize the heart of the city by taking what is currently a flat plaza and creating a three dimensional space to occupy and experience. The center of the newly developed space would be a new kind of multilayered public park. This park would also continue into a few cave like zones to offer the city a completely new kind of public space to inhabit. Other programs would be arranged in the surrounding subterranean space with access points opening onto the center area. Through research on the history of the city of Córdoba, we learned that there are the remains of a tunnel network under most of the historic areas of the city. These tunnels were built by the Jesuits and originated at the Cathedral which is adjacent to our site. Our design would utilize these tunnels to make a subterranean, educational history trail through the city. Our design also allotted areas for a broadway style theater, a theater in the round, and other flex performance spaces. We also thought it was important that the public be more aware of the workings of the city and demographics about where they live. This would be made accessible with many interactive and live updating displays and exhibits.

Professors: Diego Sabattini and Cristian Nanzer (UNC FAUD)
Partners: Angela Ferrero, Belen Pizarro, Seizen Uehara
Software: Rhino, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator

Concept Diagram and Sections

Three Dimensional Sections