Because of his shortened life span, a landscape of open, interwoven spaces would suit J. F. Sebastian best. He is a human living on earth in the year 2019 and has Methuselah Syndrome which causes his aging to accelerate. This helps him to relate to the replicants and their short life span. J. F. Sebastian is friendly with both humans and replicants, so an open design would suit his life style best. The modules that I designed have three different space conditions. The exteriors act as a varying landscape which give unique outdoor areas to enjoy. The units each have a sheltered area to be used for either circulation or a large living space. The last type of space is interior with fenestration to the enclosed exterior spaces. This gives him the ability to feel protected and private when he needs to get away from interactions and emotions. Because all three of these conditions occur in each module, there is a conveniently condensed sense of space. This is ideal for an individual with accelerated aging because it allows them to experience and encounter everything life has to offer. The space that J. F. Sebastian inhabits in the film, Blade Runner, has a parti of large spaces connecting to smaller dead-ends. This arrangement is less effective for his life style because it inhibits his movements with frequent dead-end fragments. The space that I designed encourages a more streamline and smooth way of moving throughout.

Professor: Adam Dayem
Software: Rhino, Grasshopper, V-ray, PhotoShop, InDesign
Model Materials: Task Board

Initial conceptual work

Imagery of project