Hypothetical lighting design for a proposed sports management office tower in Dubai’s sports city. The design took inspiration from the regional love of sailing sports and the traditional vessel, the Dhow. The lobby was intended to invoke an energetic and youthful space with an under water feel. Much of the lighting used saturated hues of blue. The reception desk and the counters utilized blue under lighting to give a sensation of floating. Dynamic ripple effects danced across the underside of the balcony and blue light washed up the wooden surface finish of the columns. These columns and the lobby’s ceiling created the image of the underside of a boardwalk. The general illumination of the space was provided by linear fixtures simulating the dappled light slipping between the boards above. This all tied together to give a lively and striking environment to welcome people into the building.

Professor: Abhey Wadhwa
Software: Revit, PhotoShop

Design work

Imagery of project