A generic hotel room floor plan was provided along with the opportunity to define the lighting design intents of the project. For this hotel design, the goal was to create a futuristic, vibrant, lively, and fun space. Another key desire was to allow for maximum versatility and also incorporate options for light imagery. The entire perimeter of the room utilizes a cornice detail to mask color tune-able led cove fixtures. This makes the space look larger and also allows for different color temperatures of light to respond to circadian necessities. The vanity lights over the mirror continue the path of the cove as raised square fixtures. The front, sitting area features a large custom light art piece. This is a raised frame design with RGB ribbons outlining the border and each void. The fixture can be programmed by hotel management to highlight brand colors, seasonal pallets, or any other event or holiday related color scheme. Visible from both the entry and the bedroom space is another piece of custom art that plays with light. A double pane, interior glass window is placed in the dividing wall and the space between the sheets of glass is filled with small shards of dichroic glass. When light shines on the assembly, vibrant colors of light are shown into the space opposite the light source. At the same time, multi-color light is reflected in all directions on the side that the light is on. The bedroom space features two lighting effects. A light recessed into the ceiling can have any metal or glass gobo inserted which would throw images on the blank wall opposite the bed. The wall over the bed has niches for the two night stands. These recesses are outlined with the same RGB ribbons to create a glow and remove a need for a standard bedside lamp. This not only helps with the futuristic idea by eliminating a traditional piece of furniture, but also eliminates a common hotel concern of guests removing high quality bulbs in lamps. Another wall detail arches over the bed in response to the side lights and also acts as a dramatic head board. The kitchenette and bathroom utilize more standard lighting solutions to save the budget for the more exciting features. Overall, this room style would not only have health benefits incorporated with color tune-able ambient light, but also offer a customizable design for the hotel and a dynamic, fun room for guests.


Professor: Patricia Rizzo and Jen Brons
Software: Revit, PhotoShop

Plans and Sections

Imagery of project