In our local material class, our studies and workshops culminated with a challenge to create a pavilion using the iconic local bricks paired with our technical software background. Each student began by creating some initial experiments in crossing digital methods with brick laying. Once those were complete, I was partnered with classmate Emily Sulanowski to develop a pavilion design. In response to the critique of the professors, we created two different canopy designs to work with two different construction methods. Unfortunately, due to the limited time of our residency in the city of Cordoba, it was not possible to construct our pavilion. We were able to lay the first several layers of our design to test its constructability. On our final day in Cordoba, we had the opportunity to display our work to other local students and RPI professors.

Professors: Ornela Priotti and Alberto Baulina
Partner: Emily Sulanowski
Software: Rhino, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator

Early Brick Experiments

Main Boards

pearsonzachary_sulanowskiemily_New-Board pearsonzachary_sulanowskiemily_Final-Board

Construction Method Plan

Photos of Mock-up Start