The University of Chile in Santiago, Chile hosted a five day charrette to gather creative ideas for the reinvigoration of the nearby port of San Antonio. This work was done in collaboration with three students from the School of Architecture within that university. The intention of the charrette was to rethink the way coastlines are defined. Due to their coastline’s history of harsh weather, the project began with a study of different systems of wave breaker construction. Our group took a form that is already successful at controlling waves when interlocked haphazardly and reconsidered it to create a new waterfront. Through the construction of massing models, we developed an interlocking system. We rescaled the units and arranged them along the waterfront to provide a structure for elevated boardwalks, slips for the local fishing boats to dock and unload in, spacing for waterside shops to be set up between, shading for portions of the occupiable beach, and a level of wave break in case of extreme natural phenomena.

Professor: Alberto Fernandez Gonzalez
Partners: Catalina Alejandra Margarita, Monserrat Panay Schweizer, Javi Carrasco
Software: Rhino, AutoCAD, Photoshop

Presentation Boards

Elevation Drawings


Physical Model – Images to come