Building Blox of Light was an entry for a lighting design competition. This solar light was developed from chip to accessories. The competition required the submission of a product advertisement seen below.


For off-grid communities, adventure seekers or people who could need just a little more light in their life and are dissatisfied with kerosene lamps or cumbersome solar lanterns available today, Building Blox of Light provides a fully sustainable, flexible and modular light source to be used in the home, at work, or taken virtually anywhere. Unlike most current products which fulfill only a particular application need, Building Blox of Light provides just the right amount of illumination for most any task. Their simple cube-shaped design and magnetized sides allow the Blox to be stacked together or stuck to any ferrous metal surface to provide fully flexible, personal lighting.

Suppose you need a cooking light above your stove – simply stick a Blox to a hook accessory and hang it as a pendant. Need a task light? Attach a Blox to an adjustable arm accessory and set it on your desk. Need some diffuse ambient illumination for dinner with the family? Just grab a few Building Blox, stick them together and make a hanging lantern. Theunique optical design allows the Blox to be run in two modes using two of Little Sun’s surface mounted LEDs. In task-light mode, the Blox have a more concentrated light source of higher intensity emitted from a single side. In ambient-mode, the second LED kicks in to light the remaining four sides for a higher lumen output, yet softer illumination.

Little Sun has helped pave the way with its sustainable, solar-powered light source for users who lack access to electricity. Building Blox of Light provide a step forward through an advancement in lighting flexibility and lumen output in order to better serve the user and their many lighting needs.

Building Blox of Light go beyond simply providing a useful service to the more than one billion people living without electricity in the world, they provide a conduit for engagement, play and discovery through their unique modular design and varying light distributions. They literally make fixture design into a game of building-blocks. And when the building-blocks of your life could be a little more bright, get Building Blox of Light!


Professor: Russ Leslie
Partners: Charlie Jarboe, Dinusha Thotagamuwa
Software: Rhino, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Premiere Pro
Leading Actors: Marion Hunter, Uel Wade, Ben Haplin, Ethan Halpin, Linda Halpin, Dinusha Thotagamuwa, Oshadhi Viranga, Zachary Pearson, Misha Westover
Dance ensemble: Alexandra Petersdóttir, Kuwabo Mubyana, Clair Hensley, Samantha Lee, Brendan Wright, Brittany Wendzel, Isabella Siu, Angela Ding, MeiXing Dong, Emily Rae Fernandes, Tyler OBrien, Kris Kornheisl, Jessica Nicholos, Garth Scannell, Taylor Turner, Karl Herr, Alex Schneiderman, Stephen Hansen, Elaine Zach, Andrew Baker

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