The BioMarket is a deployable pavilion originally meant for the streets of New York City. Intended to combat the food deserts of the city, provide healthy choices to locals, and improve air quality. Plants are grown within the cross sectional area and, when ready to harvest, are moved to the inside edge to be sold. The pots are specially designed to enable phytoremediation to occur at all stages of plant development. The entire structure is based on modular panels which allows the massing to change to fit the needs of the vendor and community. The system sits on top of a plenum that allows the BioMarket to collect dirty air coming from the subway vents and process it into clean, usable air for the city. Systems are integrated to allow for the top surface to collect water for irrigation and utilize IC Solar technology to provide energy.

Professor: Demetrios Comodromos and Josh Draper
Partners:  Nikki Boccia and Sabrina Munley
Software: Rhino, AutoCAD, Illustrator




Full Scale Mock Up

Promotional Materials