Dear Zachary,
You have been selected to participate in the first biannual South American Studies Program. You will be our ambassadors on this inaugural semester-long program and can anticipate an extraordinary deep learning experience of many dimensions.
The selection committee consisted of David Bell, Alexandra Rempel and Gustavo Crembil. The applications for the program were many, and they were strong. Please be aware that there are highly qualified alternates who would like to participate. If you discover or determine at any time that you will not participate for any reason, please inform Carly and me as soon as possible so that we can inform the next person in line. Stay tuned for more information including a deposit date and amount, an update on the costs, and notice of scheduled meetings to build your awareness of the socio-political, geographical and professional context of South America, and in particular Argentina and Chile before you go. You will also be receiving a license for Rosetta Stone together with some deadlines relating to mastering levels one and two.
Once again – congratulations. —
MARK MISTUR, AIA, Associate Dean
GR302, 110 8th Street
TROY, NY 12180